Friday, April 1, 2011

My Stinky Muse | Baby Conch Studies

A few weeks ago I had the sashimi omakase at Kanoyama, which included baby conch.  I brought  the shell home to draw, figuring that it would be a nice change from all the brussel sprouts.
I didn't realize until the next day that this little shell packs quite an odiferous punch.  I tried soaking it in bleach, packing it in baking soda, scrubbed it inside and out with an old toothbrush.  Nothing worked.  So I decided, do a quick study, and get the offensive thing out of the apartment, asap!  Well, two weeks later, and it is still there.  I'm finding that I cannot stop drawing this shell - the interplay of geometric and organic forms is fascinating.  So thought I'd share some of what I'm working on:.

 I also have a couple more detailed and refined pieces that I'm still working on, and hoping to make prints from.  I have one more week to work with my lovely stinky shell before I have to dispose of it - we are expecting house guests, and I cannot force them to tolerate the stench.

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  1. Amazing there was so much order.

    Amazing talent creating a 2d image from a 3d object.